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BOTSWANA: Project Management Virtual Workshop

October 22, 2021

On  behalf and in coordination with the  U.S. Embassy, Botswana, Tuatara Group developed and organized a virtual, half-day workshop on project management techniques and best practices for Botswanan public and private sector infrastructure project stakeholders.


The workshop included specific information about project management principles and best practices, including an overview of the methodologies and tools used by project managers. Practical, real-life case studies were discussed which helped walk the audience through the structure of current projects. The workshop incorporated perspectives from multidisciplinary project stakeholders, finance, regulatory, and project owners to help hone in on how to mitigate project challenges in the development and execution of the project. Participants came away with a strong understanding of project management principles and  best practices used by industry practitioners to manage infrastructure projects effectively. 

Image by Andy Robson
Image by Andy Robson
Image by Justice Hubane
Image by Wynand Uys
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