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Areas of Expertise and Focus in Emerging Markets

Project Development


Feasibility Studies; Project Reference Documents for financing, Bankable Documentation, Technology Screening, Economic and Financial Analysis, Financing Plans, Environmental Assessments, Risk Assessment, and

Risk Mitigation.

Project Financing


Market, Secure and Manage Project Financing, including working with development financing institutions to secure loans, guarantees, political risk insurance, trade credit insurance, export finance, and foreign direct investment.

Project Management


Developing Execution, Risk Mitigation, Teaming, and Alliance Strategies; Technology Assessment, Work Process Refinement, Contracting, Claim Resolution and Project Surveillance.

Engineering and Procurement


Conceptual Design, Costing, Equipment Specification, Design Review, Procurement, and Preparation of procurement documents.

Business Development


 Tuatara Group works with leading technology suppliers and associations to identify opportunities in emerging markets and develop strategies for entering and capturing new markets for long term success.

Program Management


Design, Manage and Evaluate programs for the delivery of technical assistance, Capacity Building, and Technology Transfer and Projects Implementation..

Sector Experience


Tuatara has played a key role in the program management and marketing of trade related programs supporting infrastructure development in emerging markets. We have experience working in the following sectors:


ENERGY –– Power generation, including renewable energy; power distribution and transmission, including smart grid; oil and gas, including unconventional gas.


TRANSPORTATION –– Aviation (airports, air traffic management), rail, ports, and intermodal shipping.


INFORMATION & COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGIES –– Telecom and broadband infrastructure; ICT for banking, healthcare, customs, etc.

ENVIRONMENTAL –– Water supply; wastewater treatment; solid waste management; environmental impact assessments.


SMART CITIES –– ICT enabled eGovernance, infrastructure, and service delivery; smart urban planning and design

Sector Reform & Privatization


To improve sector performance, Tuatara Group provides training, benchmarking, asset valuation and unbundling, and regulatory reform services.

Technology Assessment


R&D Planning, Technology Screening, Pilot Plant Design, Pilot Plant Operation and Monitoring, HAZOP Review, Process Data Analysis, and Economic Analysis.

Event Management and Marketing


Tuatara Group manages business development events such as trade missions, workshops, seminars and matchmaking events to bring key stakeholders together around the world.  We handle program development, logistics (venue selection, registration, travel coordination) and marketing (participant and sponsorship recruitment) to ensure a successful event.

Market Research


Tuatara Group helps clients make key decisions about entering new markets by helping find answers to key questions regarding market size and potential.

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