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The Tuatara Group Team has an extensive project portfolio focusing on emerging market development. Representative projects include:

Team Projects


- South Sudan RAPID Infrastructure Project Evaluation

- Africa Leaders – Energy Reverse Trade Mission

- ASEAN Reverse Trade Mission (RTM) and Symposium

- Chile Magallanes Region Coal Gasification 

   Reverse Trade Mission

- China Clean Energy Definitional Mission

- China Green Building Infrastructure Reverse Trade Mission 

- China Shale Reverse Trade Mission

- China Smart Grid Reverse Trade Mission

- Colombia Market Management System

   Reverse Trade Mission

- Development Bank of South Africa

   Clean Energy Advisory Services Project

- East Africa Ports and Aviation Security and Modernization         Reverse Trade Missions

- East Africa Renewable Energy Definitional Mission

- India Smart Grid Workshop and Reverse Trade Mission

- India: Smart Cities Integrated Planning Technical Advisory       Services Project

- Indonesia Transportation Definitional Mission

- Infrastructure Consortium for Africa - Financing Agricultural

  & Energy Infrastructure Projects in Africa

- Latin America Renewable Integration Reverse Trade Mission

- Libya Natural Gas-Fired Power Generation RTM

- Morocco Solar Reverse Trade Mission

- South Sudan Infrastructure Capacity Building Project                  Evaluation

- Sri Lanka Ethanol Refinery & Biomass Power Project                  Development

- U.S. –Turkey Geothermal Workshop and Definitional Mission

- Turkey:  Smart Grid Workshop

- Turkish Shipbuilders Delegation OTC

- Vietnam Aviation Reverse Trade Mission

- Vietnam National Power Transmission IT Roadmap

- Vietnam Wind Definitional Mission

The Tuatara Group Team has worked with a broad group of client organizations including:

Client Project Organizations



International Advertising Association

International Executive Service Corps

Advanced Resources International


Clean Air Task Force

Crown Agents


Istanbul Exporters Association 

Management Systmes International

Merklein and Associates

MFM Lamey Group 

National Commission on Energy Policy 

National Power Transmission Company of Vietnam

National US Arab Chamber of Commerce

Network Dynamics Associates

Nova Exteriors 

Southern Research Institute

Tangible Internatinoal 

The Internet Society

The Penfield Group

The Smart Grid Interoperability Panel 

The Webster Group

U.S. Trade and Development Agency

University of Maryland University College

US Agency of International Development

Utilities Telecom Council 

To learn more about our partnering companies please visit:


3E Consulting,


Emerging Markets Infrastructure

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