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U.S. TURKEY: Geothermal Workshop

October 21-22, 2014, Ankara Turkey

Tuatara Group Team members managed the technical program for this 1.5-day workshop funded by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency. Staff traveled to Turkey two months prior to the workshop on a 10-day preparation trip to discuss the workshop with Turkish developers and the Government of Turkey. This proved an invaluable visit to help shape the agenda, target particular speakers and produce appropriate materials of the workshop attendees. 96 people attending the workshop, far exceeding USTDA expectations and all attendees rating the event at good or excellent. The workshop featured representation from the U.S. government, the Turkish government, associations and private developers and suppliers from both Turkey and the U.S. As well as panel discussions throughout the day and a half, the workshop also featured networking luncheons, a networking reception and a one-on-one, business-to-business session. Eight panels featured 38 speakers and contributors.

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