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NIGERIA: Gas Storage and Processing  Reverse Trade Mission 

June 6-14, 2011│ Houston, TX and Pittsburgh, PA 

The Nigeria Gas Storage and Processing Reverse Trade Mission was an eight day program for eight representatives from Oando Gas and Power Ltd., one of Nigeria’s leading oil and gas companies. The purpose of the RTM was to introduce the delegation to leading U.S. technology options and best practices for natural gas storage and processing, to create linkages for future collaboration with U.S. companies providing gas storage and processing equipment and services, and to further highlight best practices and technologies through site visits to gas storage and processing infrastructure facilities.  In addition, the RTM sought to encourage U.S. company participation in the expansion of Nigeria’s gas storage and processing sector, including future procurement and investment opportunities.  Oando was planning to build the Sub-Saharan African region’s largest gas pipeline network.  As part of its plans for expansion of its gas pipeline network, it would build and operate gas storage facilities both above and below ground for uninterrupted supply and also construct a gas processing facility. A two day gas storage training program and a one day Business Briefing were organized during the RTM.

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