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Faisal El Azzouzi, Senior Associate - Renewable Energy

Faisal El Azzouzi is a seasoned renewable energy veteran with over a decade of experience. He is an expert electrical designer, a creative solutions innovator, and a tenacious business developer. He led the Energy Storage team at SunEdison and was responsible for the development of strategy and defining commercial constructs. Previously, Faisal led the incubation of advanced energy solutions for SunEdison. He has been responsible for developing innovating unique solutions that coupled renewable generation with communication and control technologies as well as traditional generation to improve energy access in the markets served and overall grid efficiency. The advanced solutions varied from solar water pumping for the India and African markets, solar and flow battery microgrids for telecom and rural electrification, and solar and storage for commercial and industrial electric bill management. Prior to his tenor at SunEdison, El Azzouzi led the engineering and operations teams for Fotowatio Renewable Ventures, Siliken Renewable Energy, and Solar Integrated Technologies.  El Azzouzi holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arizona and certificates in Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies, Sustainable Energy Conversion and Storage professional from Stanford University, Smart Grid Technologies from UC Berkeley, Finance from UC San Diego, and completed the General Management Program from Harvard Business School.  Faisal is fluent in French, Arabic, and conversant in Spanish.

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