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Dr. Rabindra Chakraborti, Senior Associate ICT, Smart Cities

Rabindra Chakraborty is a renowned information and communication technology (ICT) expert. His patented Intuition Technology provides a cutting-edge causation AI platform capable of interpreting rare events and complex state changes in natural systems and is currently being used in the upstream oil and gas operations. The technology is tried and adopted by the oil majors. He has over 30 years of industry experience and two-thirds of his career is spent in building startups. He provided technical consulting to many blue-chip customers including Motorola, Citibank, Hilti, City of Miami, City of Atlanta and USTDA.  Rabindra has also written many technical papers in scientific journals and conferences, participated in technology standardization and led many complex IT and software projects around the globe. He holds over 10 patents and has been a Senior Member of the IEEE since 2000. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University in 1995.

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