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The firm brings together the expertise and knowledge of world-class experts from 3E Consulting, Emerging Market Infrastructure, and Cimperium. This team has worked together extensively on numerous international infrastructure development projects ranging from feasibility studies, technical and financial advisory services, reverse trade mission, workshops and conferences, marketing programs and technology assessments.


Our team has work experience in over 45 countries and in a diverse array of infrastructure sectors, including energy and power, water and sanitation, information and communications technology, transportation and financial services. The company works with public and private sector clients to provide tangible solutions for the development of strategic infrastructure projects. A significant part of the firm’s work is dedicated to trade promotion and technology deployment in emerging markets.


Our key to success lies in our extensive experience and close working relationships with U.S. Government, international and private financial institutions, technology suppliers and project developers.  This breadth of experience gives us a unique perspective on how to plan and market events, bring technologies into new markets, and find, develop and structure projects. 


We chose the unique Tuatara as our company name because it embodies key attributes that, like us, sets them apart from the pack and has enabled them to navigate and thrive in unique environments. Tuatara,  although they resemble lizards, are part of a distinct lineage that has existed for the past 200 million years through their ability to evolve and adapt to their surroundings.  Their physical characteristics add to their uniqueness. These tenacious creatures have a spiny crest along their back, a third eye, and a double row of teeth that interlocks with their bottom teeth – a perfect mascot for a boutique consulting company that offers insightful analysis, adapts to rapidly evolving markets, and helps its clients to identify, carve out and secure their niche in challenging markets.  


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