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Siva R. K. Narla, Senior Associate - Smart Transportation

Siva Narla has over two decades of consulting and services experience serving Transportation and IoT sectors with expertise in ITS, Smart Cities, ioT in Transportation, Connected Automation Vehicles (CAV) as well as national and international standards related to the above sectors. Mr. Narla has a decade of experience in developing software solutions and training for Wall Street buy side and sell side firms for Securities, Trading and Wire-Room applications.  He has experience in implementing solutions and standards for ITS, Connected Automation, Cyber Security, Big Data, Control Systems and Communication technologies in transportation.  Mr. Narla is a member of several national and international committees for advanced research in transportation as part of US Transportation Research Board, ITS America, AASHTO, SAE International, ITE and others.  Mr. Narla’s experience includes advisory roles at a technical and executive level for transportation issues in countries such as Indonesia, India, Jamaica, Brazil, Columbia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, in paid as well as honorary positions.

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