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Tuatara Group is a technical advisory firm with the capabilities to take a project from conceptualization to financial close and implementation. Tuatara has work experience in more than 50 countries and in a diverse array of infrastructure sectors, including energy and power, transportation, water and sanitation, information and communications technology (ICT), smart cities and financial services.


The company works with public and private sector clients to provide tangible solutions for the development of strategic infrastructure projects. Our services support all aspects of the project development cycle from go-to-market analysis, partner and technology identification, training,  (study tours, workshops, conferences and seminars),  feasibility studies, due diligence, marketing and financing.  Our key to success lies in our extensive experience and close working relationships with  U.S. government, international and private financial institutions, regulatory agencies, technology and equipment suppliers and project developers. 


Tuatara Group was founded by partners Pamela Peseux, John Rezaiyan and Doug Shuster to bring together multidisciplinary expertise to support all aspects of emerging market infrastructure development. 

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John Rezaiyan,
Pasted Graphic 1.png
Doug Shuster,
peseux photo.jpg
Pamela M. Peseux, Partner


Tuatara brings together team members that understand the technologies, enabling policies, financing mechanisms as well as the regional and country nuances to create specialized, multidisciplinary teams to focus on each project. 

Sayan Chakraborti,
Sr. Associate - Energy
Pasted Graphic 9.png
Pasted Graphic 3.png
Jeannetta Craigwell,
 Sr. Associate - Procurement
Pasted Graphic 8.png
Dr. Rabindra Chakraborti,
Sr. Associate - ICT, Smart Cities 
Pasted Graphic 15.png
Chris Nuckols,
Sr. Associate-Renewable Energy
Pasted Graphic 20.png
 Barbara Keating,
Sr. Associate ICT, Smart Cities 
Pasted Graphic 14.png
Siva R. K. Narla,
Sr. Associate-Smart Transportation
Pasted Graphic 6.png
Dulce A. Zahniser, CGBP,
Sr. Associate - Finance
Brad Barnds,
Sr. Associate - Energy 
Pasted Graphic 7.png
Pasted Graphic 22.png
Dr. Mani Vadari,
Sr. Associate - Smart Gird
Pasted Graphic 4.png
Daniel Kuwornu,
Sr. Associate - Finance
Pasted Graphic 10.png
Faisal El Azzouzi,
Sr. Associate-Renewable Energy
Pasted Graphic 13.png
Terry Mitchell,
Sr. Associate - Energy
Pasted Graphic 17.png
Zia Mian, Sr.
Sr. Associate-Regulator & Policy
Pasted Graphic 11.png
Naushad Kassamali,
Sr. Associate - Energy
Pasted Graphic 19.png
Benjamin Gyepi-Garbrah II
Sr. Associate - Finance
Pasted Graphic 16.png
Terry Peterson,
Sr. Asso
ciate-Renewable Energy


Client Project Organizations

The Tuatara Group partners have worked with a broad group of client organizations including:


International Executive Service Corps

Advanced Resources International


Clean Air Task Force

Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y ​​Luz (CNFL), Costa Rica

Crown Agents


Istanbul Exporters Association 

Jamaica Public Service Company

Management Systems International

Merklein and Associates

Ministry of Energy, Ghana 

National Commission on Energy Policy 

National Power Transmission Company of Vietnam

National U.S. Arab Chamber of Commerce

Network Dynamics Associates

Southern Research Institute

Tangible International 

The Internet Society

The Penfield Group

The Smart Grid Interoperability Panel 

The Webster Group

U.S. Development Finance Company

U.S. Embassy in Botswana

U.S. Energy Association

U.S. Trade and Development Agency

University of Maryland University College

US Agency of International Development

Utilities Telecom Council 

Our Story



We chose the unique Tuatara as our company name because it embodies key attributes that, like us, sets them apart from the pack and has enabled them to navigate and thrive in unique environments. Tuatara,  although they resemble lizards, are part of a distinct lineage that has existed for the past 200 million years through their ability to evolve and adapt to their surroundings.  Their physical characteristics add to their uniqueness. These tenacious creatures have a spiny crest along their back, a third eye, and a double row of teeth that interlocks with their bottom teeth – a perfect mascot for a boutique consulting company that offers insightful analysis, adapts to rapidly evolving markets, and helps its clients to identify, carve out and secure their niche in challenging markets.  

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